Cleaning out my office

Last fall, about halfway through the semester, I got my own office. As an adjunct, this is quite a novelty, as I have shared an office with up to 5 people before. But for the past 7 months or so, I’ve been on my own in here. When this happened, I knew this was a temporary thing, and that I would most likely have to share with someone before too long. This was before I decided it was time for me to leave.

I spent some time decorating the room. I’d had some ideas of setting up a little coffee area in one corner, and I brought in enough books to fill the large bookshelf that comes with the room. I hung up my BA, my MA, and my Jameson’s Irish Whiskey Taster certificate. A few posters, a few signs, and I created my own space. I came in here for hours at a time, writing and using the internet, and even meeting with students on occasion.

This office is how I started letting people know about my plans to leave. The Dept. Chair ran into me in the hallway and asked me about maybe moving to a different office, since we have some new, full-time people coming into the department. I said, “Well, I kinda need to talk to you about that,” and explained my plan, and how he didn’t need to worry about finding room for me.

NOw, I’m starting to dismantle my office. I’ve taken everything off the walls; I’m boxing up the books, and giving some away; my desk is empty of 11 years of paperwork, 99% of which went into the recycle bin. I’m deciding which things I’m going to throw away or leave for the next person. What do I do with the tiny, cheap, crappy lamps I spent nearly $8 on at K-mart (and never used because they were too weak for anything).

I like this office. This is where I wrote nearly every page of my MFA thesis (and the novel it has spawned). But I’m ready to move on from here. I feel like I’ve become too settled in here; I prefer to keep my office in mobile, bag-form. I can carry everything I need, and work wherever I am.

Yes, I’m one of those guys who sits in a coffee-shop and writes. Not because I want to be seen, but because I don’t like to pay for internet service. And I like coffee.

So, here I am. I need to put the books in the totes; I need to dismantle the coat tree and take down my writing hat. Hopefully, before the next person moves in, someone will spring for a fresh coat of paint.


Bye, office. I hope the next person appreciates you.

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